Thursday, 26 April 2012

Dear Writer Newsletter - Coming Soon...

On Saturday I did my first Dear Dylan book signing in Berkhamsted Waterstones . 

Book signing in Berko

I'm not sure what I'm so deep in thought about here - whether to have another coffee perhaps, judging by the cups on the table! Oh yes, and the discreetly placed brown paper bag is actually my secret cake stash - it's hungry business sitting at a table for four hours you know...

Anyway, it all went really well and I met lots of lovely readers and came away feeling mightily glad that I now write for young people. This has been a dream of mine for many years, so to see my first YA novel in an actual book store was a real thrill.

Quite a few of the girls I met on Saturday asked if I could come to their schools to do writing workshops. In my experience most avid readers are avid writers too and I love getting out and about and encouraging people to write.

In fact, over the next few months I'm going to be rolling out a project called Dear Writer. 

Dear Writer is linked to my novel Dear Dylan in that it is all about helping people achieve their dreams, but whereas the main character in Dear Dylan dreams of becoming an actress, Dear Writer is for people who - you've guessed it - want to write.

There will be workshops and competitions and talks, and every three months I shall be mentoring two young writers online - giving them feedback and advice on their written work.

There will also be a monthly e-newsletter full of writing tips, advice and interviews with other writing and publishing people.

So now I need your feedback. If you were to subscribe to a newsletter about books and writing, what would you want it to include.

Please email me at: 


with your suggestions. 

I can't wait to hear from you...

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