For as long as I can remember books have provided me with a source of pleasure, inspiration and, when life gets tough, a welcome escape. As well as being an avid reader, I am the author of six books. My first YA novel, Dear Dylan, won the YoungMinds Book Award 2010. It is being re-published in the UK, France and Germany in April 2012. I am also an editorial consultant in children's fiction and run regular writing workshops for adults and young people. My life is filled with books - and my bookmarks are all extremely faded from over-use!

I want The Faded Bookmark to be as interactive as possible. Think of it as your favourite coffee shop, full of squishy chairs and sofas, and shelves crammed with books. And cake - lots of cake. And a juke box playing all of your favourite tunes. And Bruce Springsteen or [INSERT FAVOURITE HEART-THROB] serving behind the counter. Looking exceptionally hot. (That's hot in a good way, not in a hyperventilating-because-the coffee-machine-has-blown-up-kind-of-way).  I want it to be a place where book-lovers feel free to drop on by and tell everybody about the books they love. Or hate. Or love to hate.

If you would like to write a guest blog about your favourite book of all time, or a book that has somehow changed your life, then please drop me an email: