Thursday, 3 May 2012

My First Ever Story (aged 6)

Okay, so it's grey and rainy outside, and, if you live in the UK, it's grey and rainy FULL STOP, so I figured we all could do with a laugh. And so, for one day only, I am going to share with you the first story that I ever wrote - aged six. I have to warn you though, this story contains events, and illustrations, that may prove distressing to cat lovers. And typos that may prove extremely distressing to editors...

Once upon a time there was a big girl and a little boy and they livd with theri grandma and next door a lady moved in.

Once upon a time...I did my own illustrations!
The lady was a wicked witch and she had a dog and it dide so she got a cat and it did not diye and it was good and it ran away to the big girl's and little boy's house and the wicked witche was very crosse and she looked evry where but she couldn't fined it and she was very crosse. But then the wicked witch did find the cat and she put sum poysun in its tea and teh next day the cat dide and they took the cat to the semtree and put him in a cofine.

The cat who 'dide' in his 'cofine' in the 'semtree'
The cofine had flowers round it. The end.

Oh dear, something tells me there's not going to be a bidding war breaking out any time soon...


  1. hehe :) It's probably a better story than I could write now anyway!!!